I am a chocolate expert and love indulging in high quality chocolate and then discussing my experience with other chocophiles. And yes, you will hear wine-expert words like "a little plum", "liquorice", and "long finish".

Book a chocolate tasting with me! There you will taste several premium chocolates and hear some interesting info around the magic cocoa bean. From April 2006 to July 2010 I was trading in premium chocolates when running a small shop and cafe in Berlin. During that time, I sampled chocolate daily. And I still like eating high quality chocolate!

Check the dates for upcoming chocolate tastings and whisky chocolate tastings here (need to scroll down a bit): Tasting Dates.

You can also book me for a chocolate tasting in either only English, only German or both. I also offer Whisky and chocolate pairings. I regularly hold tastings in Berlin, but also travel to other cities.

Chocolate Tastings
Do you want to find out what the pure aroma of the best cocoa beans available tastes like? Venture into a new world of full aroma! Taste high quality chocolate and learn to experience the flavor of different plantations and chocolatiers! Hear some amazing facts from the world of chocolate.

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As you taste different high quality chocolates, our chocolate experts tell you astonishing information about the miraculous cocoa plant, about the hilarious and sad history of hot chocolate drink, the arduous production of chocolate bars and the exciting topic of the best ways to taste chocolate. Find out why you prefer a particular kind of chocolate over the others at the end of the session.

Dive into the world of chocolate for about two and a half hours as you have never experienced chocolate before! Face intense aroma nuances that will reverse sugary industry chocolate kicks.
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